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The Mercy Center

Providing physical, spiritual, emotional, and social support to families experiencing disability

The Mercy Center is the single physical therapy center of its kind within a two hour drive of Jalapa Nicaragua.

Each week, our staff sees 26 kids at no cost to families. Each child attends along with a caregiver. During their time at the center, children participate in different programs:

  • Physical therapy: our physical therapist Nitza focuses on the physical rehabilitation of our children. She facilitates training for caregivers so therapy can continue in our children’s homes.

  • Stimulation: our staff provides physical stimulation to children that are developmentally atypical.

  • Education: because the majority of Mercy Kids cannot attend school, our staff provides the only educational resources available.

  • Vocational training: As part of the program, moms participate in job-skill training and also give back to the center through meal preparation and other tasks.

  • Health Plan: Ellen Moore, our nurse from the US, seeks to improve the quality of life for kids through health education on topics ranging from how the digestive system works to what a balanced diet looks like.

Children and their families receive free transportation to and from the center as well as a meal, often the best quality meal kids receive all week.

Additionally, our staff remains on-call in case of medical crisis.