Our story

In 2014, Mary and Ron Nelson visited northern Nicaragua. On that trip, the Nelson family met dozens of families experiencing disability and realized they were a population largely forgotten by the rest of the world.

Images from one of our first trips

In 2017, The Mercy Kids launched as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in response to the unmet needs of children with disabilities in northern Nicaragua.

Our team launched The Mercy Center in April 2018 and began a pilot program including 26 kids. This program provides physical therapy, health education, and vocational support for children and their parents for kids that are not developmentally typical.

That same year, we facilitated medical intervention for 6 kids: Genesis received treatments for a tumor-like facial growth in the US, Alex received club food surgery and treatment in southern Nicaragua, and 4 others received hearing aids.

future plans

The Mercy Kids wants to grow The Mercy Center into a physical space for our children and their families to experience dignity, find community, and achieve their potential. In the future, we hope to serve more kids with weekly therapy, develop a community health center, and provide greater medical support to all of our families. Through all of this, we hope to teach better health practices from dental hygiene to proper sanitary practices.