Ronmel 2

Milagros Gómez

Milagros is 2 years old.

Her name means “miracle” as her family believes her life is a miracle from God. She was born with microcephaly, a condition in which a baby’s head is significantly smaller than normal. Milagros’ brain is underdeveloped and that means she can do almost nothing on her own. Her family cares for her full time as she cannot even hold her head up for more than a few seconds.

She loves being held and snuggled by staff at the Mercy Center. Music makes her smile!

Milagros’ birthday is December 1, 2016.

Sponsor Milagros

$90 a month covers the full cost for Milagros to receive weekly therapy and care at the Mercy Center. Those funds cover the salaries of our therapists, the cost of transporting Milagros to and from the center, the food Milagros eats at the center, and materials we need to provide her therapy!