Jesmery is sponsored!

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Jesmery Mendez

Jesmery Mendez is 4 years old.

When she was born, she was diagnosed with hypotonia, commonly known as “floppy baby syndrome,” and hemiparesis, a type of Cerebral Palsy that results from damage to the part of the brain that controls muscle movements. At two, Jesmery presented new symptoms: she couldn’t walk or talk properly. A year later, she experienced a seizure for the first time.

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Since joining the Mercy Kids in March, she has shown some small changes: she can hold small objects, her speech is improving, and her leg coordination is improving! She is an exceptional and clever girl.

Jesmery lives with her parents not far from the Mercy Center.

Her birthday is September 23!

Jesmery is SPONSORED!

Thanks to a generous donor, Jesmery is sponsored! Follow the link below to see other kids in need.