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Elian Salgado is 5 years old.

Elian lives with his parents and three siblings.

Elian was born with no disabilities. When he was 16 months, he was infected with Chikungunya, a mosquito born virus that causes high fevers, joint pain, rashes, and headaches. These symptoms can last for months and cause complications in young children.


The high fever left Elian with neurological damage, limiting the function of his left leg and his ability to speak.

Elian has been attending to The Mercy Kids Center since May of 2018. Thanks to the physical therapy at the center, he can walk without falling. Elian’s ability to speak has improved greatly thanks to the educational support our staff provides.

Since coming to the center, Elian is more sociable and much happier.

Elian’s birthday is April 22!

Sponsor Elian

$90 a month covers the full cost for Elian to receive weekly therapy and care at the Mercy Center. Those funds cover the salaries of our therapists, the cost of transporting Elian to and from the center, the food Elian eats at the center, and materials we need to provide his therapy!