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Anthony Medrano

Anthony Medrano is almost 3 years old.

Anthony was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental defects. Anthony’s time at the center has been largely focused on physical therapy. Becasue of his cerebral palsy, holding his head up, rolling over, reaching for toys, or any other task is incredibly difficult for him.

Physical therapy has focused on increasing Anthony’s strength and coordination, decreasing muscular stiffness, and avoiding muscle spasticity. This has allowed him to increasingly control the movements of his head and arms, such that he can now reach for and interact with objects in his environment.


Anthony’s birthday is October 2!

Sponsor Anthony

$90 a month covers the full cost for Anthony to receive weekly therapy and care at the Mercy Center. Those funds cover the salaries of our therapists, the cost of transporting Anthony to and from the center, the food Anthony eats at the center, and materials we need to provide his therapy!