Why did we pick Jalapa, Nicaragua? 

Map of Nicaragua

Map of Nicaragua

Jalapa is a tiny, rural town nestled in the foothills that separate Honduras and Nicaragua.

Given it’s isolation, Jalapa (pronounced “Ha-lah-puh”) has limited resources. The single hospital is small and there are few medical clinics of any kind. In fact, the nearest physical therapy center (other than The Mercy Center) is almost 4 hours away by bus.

This means that the majority of the kids in our program have received no physical therapy and almost no medical care or support whatsoever.

Fast Facts

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50% of rural Nicaraguans live in extreme poverty on less than $2 a day

Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in Latin America, second only to Haiti

90% of the families in our program live in extreme poverty

80% have been abandoned by their fathers

Most do not have the disability aids they need (walkers, wheelchairs, etc.)

Many live without running water or electricity.