In 2014 my husband, Ron, and I fell in love with the story of Pastor Carlos Baez. His riveting story compelled us to go to Nicaragua. Our first visit was a fact finding, data gathering, vision forming trip.  After taking scores of lay people and professionals to Nicaragua, many hours of brainstorming with Pastor Carlos and the moms of the children with disability, a plan started to unfold. 

The Mercy Kids launched in 2017 as a  501c3 nonprofit organization. Together with friends and family, we have formed this nonprofit to target the needs of the families affected by disability in northern Nicaragua. The courage and perseverance of the parents parenting the children within the dire straits of poverty is impressive.  These families cannot escape disability. We cannot change that. However, we can help build community. We can help with their exhaustion, isolation and discouragement. They also need an audience to share their accomplishments, achievements and triumphs.  

The Mercy Kids wants to create a space where these children can experience dignity and the parents can try and re-frame the dreams they had for their kids.  We can also help bring therapists to help their children reach their fullest capacity.

We are an imperfect, flawed group of people who have been compelled to help shine the light of Jesus into the dark corners of disability.  By God's grace, we hope to make a difference. 

As believers, we are called to be the hands and feet to those who need us, all in the name of Jesus. Ron and I ask you to join us in some way. Our "organization" doesn't need you but the people we serve do! We can pretty much guarantee that getting involved will be a rewarding experience.

We covet your prayers,

Mary Nelson