Grow hope in Nicaragua! Your donation brings hope, encouragement, and reminds the families experiencing disability that they are not alone. 


The Mercy Kids is committed to using your donation in the most effective way possible. If we receive more money than is budgeted for a project then the extra monies will be used where needed. Stay connected to hear our success stories. Your generosity is apprecited.

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Tell your friends and family about the work in Nicaragua. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active voice for those with none. Please share our story with others who might like to connect with us. Together we can have an impact in the lives of these children.

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A monthly donation of $24 provides rice, beans, soap, powdered milk, corn, and toilet paper for a child with disabilities and that child's family. Many of these children are currently malnourished and your donation could change that. 

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