Joshua's coming to the US!

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Joshua is coming to the US!

Thanks to the generosity of The Child Foundation, Joshua and Majoyre, his mom, will be in South Florida for the next few months receiving treatment.

Joshua and his mom in Managua after receiving their visas

Joshua and his mom in Managua after receiving their visas

Joshua was born with a hemangioma on his upper lip that quickly grew in size over the first few months of his life. Hemangiomas are benign tumors made of blood vessels that normally disappear naturally but, in some cases like Joshua’s, sometimes continue growing.

The mass causes Joshua pain and has prevented his teeth from developing properly. The growth could continue expanding and causing him pain without medical intervention. Further, local dentists have refused to provide the dental care he needs because they’re unfamiliar with treating kids with hemangiomas located in and around the mouth.

Walter, the director of the Mercy Center in Nicaragua, took Joshua to the US embassy in Managua to get their visas in order. After a long process of letter writing and rescheduled meetings, Joshua’s approval came through and so we’re buying their plane tickets today!

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How to help

  • Pray for a smooth transition as Joshua and Majoyre make their way to the US, for his treatment and medical professionals, and for smooth recovery.

  • Reach out to friends in the South Miami/Coral Gables area. Joshua and his mom don’t need housing. They will, however, need friends and especially friends that speak Spanish. If you know someone (especially a Spanish speaker!) that could spend time with Joshua and, please reach out to:

  • Send a card! If you’d like to send a card (in Spanish!) to Joshua, mail one to:

    • Joshua Hernandez

      c/o Child Foundation Charity
      9485 SW 72 Street
      Suite A230
      Miami, FL 33173