The Mercy Center: Four Months-lives changed!

      The Mercy Center Staff: Rolando, Nintzy, Abelito, Walter, Amilkar, William, Ellen, and Fany!

      The Mercy Center Staff: Rolando, Nintzy, Abelito, Walter, Amilkar, William, Ellen, and Fany!

On April 18, 2018 the political climate of Nicaragua changed dramatically. The conflict continues and our people struggle even more to come by the bare essentials needed for life.  Food and gas prices continue to climb and basic health care has moved from being scarce to nonexistent.  It’s truly heart-wrenching to watch the country collapse.  At present, the estimated loss is over 2.5 billion dollars.

Sally (my married daughter) and I went down in July to celebrate the three-month mark of the center.  Witnessing, first hand, the services our center provides encouraged our hearts. Our team is tight, focused and professional.  We’ve been able to add a physical therapist and her skill set filled our gap.  The team now covers education needs, basic speech needs, health care needs, and each child receives physical therapy.

It was humbling having the moms come up and pour out their gratitude.  They have such a sense of belonging, they feel understood and look forward to their day of therapy.  The moms are diligently doing their “homework” and the proof is in the pudding (note bragging points below.)

The Mercy Center operates three days a week and does home visits on Monday and Friday.  We continue to look for physical/occupational and or speech therapists willing to go down for a short-term trip.  We also desperately need connections to orthopedic surgeons willing to donate their services (stateside or in Nicaragua).

Thank you so much for your continued support. Without you, there would be no “us.”



Alex is at the top of the “success” lists. His club foot underwent six months of procedures and is now in the final recovery stage. This salty little guy would be a great presidential candidate. He is truly an amazing child.



Our journey to help families affected by disability is not without pain as we helped the family of this sweet child bury their daughter. She passed away due to pneumonia.

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Bragging Points....

· Elias is feeding himself for the first time  —   age 15

· Rommy is almost walking alone —age 11

· Ismara was speechless in April, now a bubbling        extrovert

· Ciara (photo above) was pulled from school because of bullying, at the center, she’s flourishing– age 7


Ellen Moore......

I cannot express in words my gratitude to this amazing woman.  She loves these kids so much and her love for them has encouraged every single mom involved.  It is just beautiful to see Ellen in action.  The team meets and greets each mom/child as they arrive.  A member of the team immediately takes their child and warmly smothers that kid with kisses and then more kisses.  This is clearly the fingerprint of Ellen.  Her beautiful smile makes everyone excited to be part of the program.

In February, Sally and I went to visit Milagro in the hospital. She had pneumonia on top of her Zika diagnosis.  The experience was nothing short of horrible.  We were skeptical she would make it through the night.  Her body was writhing in pain and her mother was needing to hold her all night in an upright position for her to be able to breathe.  The hospital lacks any actual real medical equipment beyond the rust covered IV pole.  It was a daunting and scary scene.  My momma’s heart broke for Milagro and her devoted mom. 

Milagro might not live long but her mom and our team are committed to helping her live life to the fullest.  Her spirit is sweet and the team loves this child.  The Zika virus is a terrible thing!

Ways to Get Involved:


  • Pray for the Mercy Kids
  •  Pray for the team
  •  Come visit

 Please consider partnering with us financially.

  •       We are hoping to buy a van. 
  •        Our center is also not fully funded yet {our monthly expenses}


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