The Mercy Center: Month One Success Stories

On April 17, 2018 our front doors opened.  We had a wildly successful pilot month.

Team Members serving in Nicaragua

  • Ellen
  • Walter
  • William
  • Abeltio
  • Amilkar
  •  Fany



Jana, a visiting occupational therapist from South Africa was a godsend!! She brought to the table some skillsets that will be treasured going forward. After one month this boy, Elias, age 15, shines as the face of the mercy center. His mom has had to feed him his entire life.  He now has the range of motion and the coordination to be able to bring food from his plate, to his mouth all by himself.   What an encouragement his progress is!!

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Abelito, a Nicaraguan, is excited to have a job where he can use his skills but also express the love he has in his heart for the most vulnerable kids in his country. He knows the deep need and is grateful for the opportunity to serve in the center.

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Ellen helps Katerine’s mom learn ways to keep her daughter safe. She is one of the most challenging Mercy Kids as she is CONSTANTLY moving but doesn’t have the mental capacity to stay safe.  Ellen is always willing to serve wholeheartedly.


Naomi’s mom was hesitant to commit to the work of being a willing participant of the Mercy Center . . . at first.  She did not understand the whole concept of a physical therapy center.  Now, after one month, she is one of the strongest advocates as she already sees progress with Naomi’s range of motion, cognitive abilities and is so excited to be part of the center.


This is Nyeli.  When she arrived to the Mercy Center she did not make eye contact with anyone.  She was insecure, shy and withdrawn.  Now Nyeli smiles and laughs and enjoys all the therapies offered. What a blessing to see her develop.  We want as many of the kids to move toward independence as possible.  Our team is making a difference!!

 On a more difficult level . . . I am sure many of you are aware of the political turmoil in Nicaragua.  This has been building for many years. The problems are deep seated and we covet your prayers.  The people, the ordinary people, like you and me are really suffering.  Food and gas prices have skyrocketed and the availability of both are always in question. As one would guess the list of issues is long.  We hope and pray for change, most definitely, but . . .   at what cost? Please join us in prayer for peace, for safety and ultimately that God’s perfect ways would reign and control the little country of Nicaragua. 


Ways to Get Involved:

  • Pray for the Mercy Kids
  •  Pray for the team
  •  Come visit

 Please consider partnering with us financially.

  •       We are hoping to buy a van. 
  •        Our center is also not fully funded yet {our monthly expenses}


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