Alex's Story

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This is Alex González.

He is five years old, has more personality than the average 15-year-old, and was born with a club foot. 

When he as an infant, he received corrective casting and surgery for his foot. Due to poor medical care, his foot rapidly regressed and walking became increasingly difficult. We're praising God because this wonderful little person is receiving treatment! 

On our most recent trip to Nicaragua, we randomly decided (or so we thought) to get Alex x-rays of his foot. We took Alex, along with another sweet little girl in our program, to the local radiologist where we paid $20 for an x-ray of his foot and celebrated with ice cream. We'd known for years that he needed treatment but hadn't known where to begin.

Less than three hours later, we received word from a friend that an appointment had opened up with the leading club-foot doctor in all of Nicaragua. It was Monday night and the appointment slot was Wednesday morning at 8 AM, more than 6 hours away by car. Alex and his mother would have to leave their home for at least 6 weeks to receive treatment, live with someone they'd never met, and handle the pain of club foot casting. It was only the second time they'd have traveled more than 4 hours from their village. 

We were afraid that this would just be too much for the family to process in less than 12 hours. But when we told them the news, Alex informed us he wanted to make and pack spaghetti to bring with him for the trip and his mom cried as she had been praying for years for that day to come. They truly couldn't have been more excited! 

The following morning, we left for Léon, a six hour truck ride south, for Alex's treatment. The little man bravely handled the casting of his foot and we're so happy his treatment is going well!

Our long term goal through The Mercy Kids isn't just basic care. Rather, we hope to provide treatment that will change lives and open futures to our 265 kids that otherwise wouldn't be possible. We can't wait to share how Alex's life changes after his casting and surgery!

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