Partnership with His Hands

We're delighted to announce that His Hands Support Ministries has established a sponsorship program for our Mercy Kids! Through this program, sponsors provide monthly donations of $25 a month per child and 100% of that money goes directly to caring for the Mercy Kids.

For several years, our dream has been to connect individual kids in Nicaragua with families that can not only provide financial support but also provide prayer for each child by name. His Hands has made that possible!

This January, God brought a team of His Hands volunteers to Nicaragua. While they were there, they began photographing and interviewing each of our 265 children. 

Because of their faithful work, more than 20 of our children have been sponsored! To sponsor a child, follow this link below.

UPDATE! We're so grateful that Deyvin is now sponsored! Please consider sponsoring one of the other sweet kids in the Mercy program. 

Right now, one of our most urgent sponsorship needs is Deyvin Rosales Hernandez. 

Deyvin is 18 years old and has cerebral palsy. The difficulties of his disability, however, are compounded by his extreme poverty. Deyvin receives almost no care, lives in a plastic shack, and does not receive the medical treatment he needs. 

To sponsor Deyvin, follow this link. $25 a month provides Deyvin food and other household supplies.