Another loss for The Mercy Kids

Danny de Jesus Marin Quiroz (1 of 2).jpg

A couple years ago Pastor Carlos found a young woman and her son in an abandoned building.  Pastor Carlos saw the little guy had disabilities and the mom looked young and vulnerable.  He immediately brought them both into his home.  After helping them regain strength and a sense of stability, he found them find a place to live. UNICEF offered Sarah and Danny a room in a project where they had with space available.

Sarah was in the abandoned building because her husband had been killed on a motorcycle after they’d been married for only a few months.  Motorcycles often rob people of their lives in third world countries where there is no order on the road. Only in her mid-twenties, Sarah was now widowed, unemployed and had a child. The negative stigma associated with widowhood and with disability isolated Sarah. Her situation became more and more desperate. Disabilities carry complications in rural, uneducated areas. She was in a community without support, encouragement or help.

Pastor Carlos provided necessary support to Danny and his mom. They were able to get food, emotional support and Carlos helped her get more connected to resources for Danny’s medical needs. Danny became a sweet, central kid in The Mercy Kids.

It is with deep sadness we announce that Danny has passed away from pneumonia. It’s a terrible loss for Sarah and she needs to be covered in prayer. While we rejoice that his disability has been fully healed in heaven, our hearts are so broken for her.

Please lift up the team in Nicaragua in prayer. This loss carries so much pain for our staff.  There was something irresistible about little Danny.  His spirit was beautiful and he will be greatly missed. 

Of course, thinking of Danny running, jumping and worshiping Jesus is a beautiful thought but death is painful as well.  It’s final and it hurts.

- Mary Nelson