January in Nicaragua

Once again our trip to Nicaragua has been beyond our wildest expectations. We have made new stateside friends that have fully embraced the mercy kids. They, independently, are going to look for sponsors so the mercy kids would be able to receive a food bag each month. God answered a huge prayer in this! On our team, we also brought three go-getters out of Virginia. They, independently, are looking for medical help for the kids that could majorly benefit from medical intervention. A whole bunch of young, energetic, brilliant young adults came that continually bring new and fresh ideas to the table. The Mercy Kids Foundation would not be where we are without them!

On this trip pieces to a big puzzle have come together and have helped us to see the larger picture. Because our time has been focused and productive, a clearer picture of what we need, what we don't need and how to go about accomplishing things that will help the kids has unfolded. We've visited, we've touched, we've prayed, and we have shed oh so many tears on behalf of these little people we've come to love so much. Running on "e" so more beautiful stories to come!