Meet Edguar

Mary Nelson, one of the founders of The Mercy Kids, tells the story of Edguar, a little boy she met on a trip to Nicaragua. Pastor Carlos provides support for Edguar through the Mercy Children program. 

Meet my friend Edguar.  

He’s eleven. He’s handsome. And I think he’s pretty amazing.

Being in my fifties, I have been around a few kids. Edguar stands out. Not much is too hard for him. He’s cute when he tries new things and his warm, energetic personality is contagious.  He’s excited about soccer, hiking and art. He holds his own playing Jenga and hand-clapping games. 

But unlike most kids, Edguar has no fingers.

Edgaur was born without fingers on either hand and two club feet. He lives in the mountains of northern Nicaragua just south of the Honduran border lives with his grandparents. His mother is in jail for the next 19 years and his dad is not known. Given his rural home, his medical treatment options have been limited. Edguar's home has neither electricity nor running water. 

Despite his disability, Edgaur is a blossoming young artist. He holds a pencil in his mouth to create drawings of animals and people. 

I think about Edguar a lot. My husband Ron and I pray that God will make a way for him. We like to imagine him as a translator as Edguar's intelligence and curiosity shines even though we don't speak his language. Such a hopeful future, however, is a long way off. English lessons are costly and it's difficult for his grandparents to provide for his basic needs. 

Now, we're working to help Edguar create something to sell at the International Fair Trade Sale in Lawrenceburg and, hopefully, online someday.

Join us in praying for Edguar!